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Precious Moments

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Blonde Age 16 Brunette Age 16 Bless The Days Of Your Youth - Birthday Train
Blonde Age 16
Our Price: $50.99
Brunette Age 16
Our Price: $50.99

Item #: PM162015

Item #: PM162015b

Item #: pm142019

Happy Birthday Precious Happy Birthday Partner Disney Car Age 2 - Sheriff
Happy Birthday Precious
Our Price: $32.99
Happy Birthday Partner
Our Price: $32.99

Item #: PM162005

Item #: PM162006

3 1/2" H
Item #: pm164432
You Take The Cake It's Your Birthday, Cake It Easy You Make All The Right Calls
You Take The Cake
Our Price: $49.99

Precious Moments
Bisque Porcelain
4" H

Item #: pm4004986

Item #: PM930022

Item #: PM103021
Special Is A Father's Love Blessed Are They Who Serve No Rest For The Weary
No Rest For The Weary
Our Price: $35.00

Item #: PM112003

Item #: PM113963

Item #: PM114012
Home Is Where The Heart Is - Waterball Oklahoma - Waterball The King And I
Oklahoma - Waterball
Our Price: $35.00
The King And I
Our Price: $35.00

Precious Moments
Wizard of Oz - Dorothy & Toto
Musical Water Globe
5 3/4" H

Item #: pm114105

Item #: PM114109

Item #: PM114110
A Banner of Hope, A Symbol of Pride We're Lucky To Have Each Other You're One Of A Kind
You're One Of A Kind
Our Price: $45.00

Item #: PM117581

Item #: PM122013

Item #: PM122014
You Fill My Heart With Smiles I've Fallen For You You're A Lifesaver
I've Fallen For You
Our Price: $40.00
You're A Lifesaver
Our Price: $40.00

Item #: PM123009

Item #: PM123010

Item #: PM132007
I'm Always My Selfie With You Heart Of Gold - Nurse You Give Me Butterflies
Heart Of Gold - Nurse
Our Price: $35.00
You Give Me Butterflies
Our Price: $60.99

Item #: PM143026

Gift For
Doctors, Nurses, & Technicians
Bisque Porcelain
Approximately 4.75" H

Item #: PM143030

Item #: PM144010
We All Needle Little Love Your Love Is So Appealing Here's To You
We All Needle Little Love
Our Price: $50.99
Your Love Is So Appealing
Our Price: $20.00
Here's To You
Our Price: $20.00

Item #: PM144014

Item #: PM144110

Item #: PM144113
Motorcycle Couple Frame You're A Good Egg You're Some Bunny Special
Motorcycle Couple Frame
Our Price: $30.99
You're A Good Egg
Our Price: $25.99
You're Some Bunny Special
Our Price: $30.99

Item #: PM172402

Item #: PM179022

Item #: PM179027